TSS UPDATE: The Sonic Site Awards 2002 – PHASE II

So so so so… etc etc, SORRY for no updates – like I said, I won’t be updating anything small until the site comes back with a new look (we are moving to new and better servers soon, so we are busy preparing for that…). BUT, the major things are still going on. Like, for instance, the start of THE SONIC SITE AWARDS 2002 – PHASE II.

Yes, thousands of you sent in your submissions… well, it was more like hundreds, but it felt like thousands… ^_^;;. It was very close, so I’m really sorry if your favourite (or your own) website did not make it into the Final Polls. You can help though, by voting for your favourite Sonic site in each category.

To be honest, I am AMAZED that Sonic HQ didn’t make it into any of the Final Polls. That’s shocked me to the extreme. o_O But, there are many newcomers willing to take the new and current awards… soon this’ll be all over TSSZ… when I tell Tristan that is ^_^

So, VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! S’all I can say. Do it!

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