‘Sonic Adventure 3’ Listed For Reveal at Tokyo Game Show, For ‘Multiple Platforms’

Here we go again – another rumour about Sonic Adventure 3. We’ve had a couple of these now, but this time we’ve caught wind of a listing for the game at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2002. Interestingly, the game is listed for ‘multiple platforms’ as well. So not Gamecube exclusive, if this rumour is to be believed…

The news comes from gaming site Game Forms (via Sonic HQ) and states that the sequel will be formally shown off by SEGA during the Japan-based event (which takes place September 20-22).

SEGA has previously said that a new Sonic game will likely release in 2003, so it would make sense that the next mainline project would be revealed at TGS. However, Yuji Naka himself said recently that he feels the Sonic Adventure series is done, so whatever it is it might not really be SA3.

We’ll keep an eye on it, as always, and let you know if we get anything confirmed.

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