Important Announcement Regarding Move

Important Announcement Regarding Move

*I’m sensing a ‘But’ here…*
BUT! I’ve got a hack which makes members add and change their own Custom Titles… and I’m hunting down a Hack so that more than 1 username can be for 1 email account. ^^

*Yeah, but maybe the 1 UN per 1 email is useful. Remember the spammers? If you ban one UN, they won’t be able to come back, unless they use another email*
… You do have a point.

*OK, so phpBB sounds all good, then*
Sure does. You’ll like it when you see it?

*Is there a way we can see it? I hear you been tinkering away at a style for the phpBB similar to this ezBoard’s, even though your servers aren’t ready yet.*
You’re right in hearing that, well done. I did indeed put a phpBB on Tripod for test purposes (so that when the servers become ready, I can just upload, with no worries of making the style afterwards). No-one can post in the forums of that test MB except for me, so there’s no point in registering there.

Because Tripod isn’t where the permanent new SSMB is, it’s being hosted on Zifei’s…. *sigh* never mind….

*Nontheless, could I see your finished style, just to warm myself up for what’s in store next week?*
Sure you can! Go to this URL to see a sneak preview:
Enjoy… erm, viewing!

*I think I understand it all now. Why we’re moving, what we have to do when the time comes… why phpBB is so much better than ezBoard…*
OK, you don’t have to make it look like you’re trying to drill this into everyone else’s mind, this isn’t a Woolworth’s Training Video.

*I guess not. So, once more, from the top…*
-Sigh- Did you even listen?

*Erm, no. ^_^*
Right, once more in a digestable bunch…

– We are leaving ezBoard and going to phpBB!
– We start moving to the new Message Board next week somtime!
– When that time comes, Dreadknux will:
1) Email you [if your email addy is not hidden on your ezBoard profile]
2) Post a major announcement on this ezBoard
3) Notify you on AIM/MSN if you find him or he finds you.
– We are moving to phpBB to
1) Get away from the adverts
2) Actually have a professional Message Board
3) Have a reliable place to chat and ‘hang’, ya dig?
4) All the trimmings ezBoard has a price for – for free at the phpBB new SSMB

Understand that, y’all!

*What if someone has a question STILL!?*
Then they should be shot! I spent half a bloody hour making this ‘Moving MB’s for Dummies’ and……. whoop.

I mean, any questions should be directed IN THIS TOPIC, NOT IN A NEW TOPIC, NOT IN ANY OTHER TOPIC OTHER THAN THIS ONE! I don’t have time to go hunting for your questions if you can’t be organised.

*Are we done now?*
Yeah, we’re done.

*You know, talking to yourself is the first sign of mad…*
Shut your sass-hole, boy!

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