Important Announcement Regarding Move

Important Announcement Regarding Move

*So, the 5th September is when the new SSMB will be ready then?*
Not necessarily – although the servers will be ready on that date, I still have to upload all the files for the new MB. I don’t think I’ll be on the computer on the 5th, so save a day or two just in case I don’t get round to it.

*What if we forget the date and such? Are you going to leave without me?*
OF COURSE NOT! As soon as the new SSMB is ready, I will personally inform each and every member that has visited this ezBoard about the new MB, the URL of the new MB, and new features to expect. On top of that, I’ll announce it right here on this ezBoard, in case you forget your emails and such. If I catch you on AIM or MSN too, I’ll tell you about it there as well. I’ll do all I can to not allow you to be left behind!

*So, 5th September is when you can upload the new MB. When you finish, you’ll both email me and announce it on this Message Board before we officially go?*
Nailed it in one.

*Even the URL?*
Well, it’d all be pointless if I didn’t give you the new URL. =P

*OK Hot Shot, I’m all clear on what to do when we officially ‘move’. Can you now tell me WHY we’re moving?*
Because ezBoard is no longer adequate enough to be the MB program for our community.

*Oooooh, that sounds stuck up, Dread…*
Yeah, well. ^_^

*Well, I don’t actually mind it here. What are the cons of ezBoard?*

  1. Popups. Terrible, Terrible Pop up ads.
  2. The fact that this place only seems to care about money nowadays.
  3. All the decent stuff (Sticky Topics, Anonymous on the ‘Who’s Online’ list etc…) needs to be paid an extremely large amount for an extremely short time period.
  4. Unreliability. Sometimes you post, and it never appears because ezBread ‘forgot’. Sometimes you hit ‘Post’ once, and it never loads, then you hit ‘Post’ again, and the same message comes up twice.
  5. Sllllllloooooowwwwwwww.

*Hmm.. I guess you have a point. Is phpBB any better though?*
Oh yes. It has all the features that paid-for ezBoard MB’s get for free for a start. It’s more reliable (depending on whether you have reliable servers that is), it’s fast (again, depends on where you shove your board…) and NO ADVERTISEMENTS!

*That’s not it though, is it?*
Not all of it. It’s a blast for me too, because it’s infinitely customiseable! And, you can get extra additions for the MB called ‘Hacks’. EzBread never has those….

*So, what’s the drawbacks of phpBB?*
Well, at the moment, the only things I can see is the fact that (Well, this actually was apparent at someone else’s phpBB and not mine, but it may still be applicable to me) you can only have 1 username per email… and you can’t have Custom Titles.

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