Important Announcement Regarding Move

Important Announcement Regarding Move

For those that are still clueless from that long-winded old folks tale, here’s some quick and easy-to-digest info, in the form of FAQ-style questions, that will explain why I have chosen for us to move:

*What the hell are we doing?*
We are moving away from ezBoard.

*Moving? Huh? What does this mean?*
It means that soon enough, you will not be coming to this Message Board to post about how your day was etc etc.

*WHAT? So there’ll be no more Sega Sonic Message Board?*
Hm? No, you wasn’t listening, we’ll be _moving_ to another Message Board, so that you can do all that stuff on from then on.

*Where the hell are we moving to?*
A new Message Board program called phpBB.

*Is this like ezBoard, where the MB is all made for you?*
No. This MB program you have to download, and then upload to your own webspace.

*Cool, does that mean I can do that with my free account?*
Not really. To host many Message Boards (not ALL downloadable MBs, just some, like phpBB), your host will need to allow you access to both PHP and MySQL.

*OK… I dun have a clue what PHP and MySQL are…*
It’s alright, you don’t have to. All that is relevant to you are the benefits of phpBB over ezBoard – PHP and MySQL are only the requirements needed to run the software.

*Right. So what do I have to download then?*
You don’t download anything. All the uploading business is made by me. You, as a member of this MB, only have to worry about what the URL of the new Message Board will be at, so you can be there with everyone else like Sonic Guy, VG and Ryu, when we move there, and not feel left out.

*What is the URL then?*
Calm down there tiger! I’ll let you know as soon as the servers become active.

*Whe? You make no SENSE, man!*
OK, right then. The new SSMB will be hosted on the new servers that will be offered to us by Zifei, new friend of ours and founder of Sonic HQ. In order for us to have the new Message Board working, we need the servers to be ready. As it stands right now, the servers are not ready for us to upload stuff yet, which is why we are still stuck on the ezBoard until then.

*Any idea WHEN these servers will be ready?*
Yup. Next week in fact. Mark the 5th September on your calender… well, that’ll be when the servers are ready anyway.

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