Important Announcement Regarding Move

Important Announcement Regarding Move

After a while, I thought I’d try one more time. This is when it all started to turn out good for once. I titled it ‘The Sega Sonic Message Board’… hoping that no-one had the name before me of course ^_^. It was a spin-off name from my ‘Sega Sonic’ naming craze – at the same time I had a Radio Station called Sega Sonic Radio.

That was… god, when was it now? It must have been Spring last year I changed the ezBoard to the Sega Sonic Message Board. I don’t know what the hell it was, but people suddenly seemed interested. More visitors clocked into The Sonic Stadium, and the two seemed to go hand in hand as both got increasingly popular.

Yeahp, it’s amazing how much this place has changed since 2000 to last year – and it’s even more amazing how much of a success this place has become since I changed it to the Sega Sonic MB. Before I knew it, members started calling it the SSMB, which sounded like a cult thing to me. I wondered why I never actually thought of abbreviating the MB name to that myself…

But now, one year on from the spurge of popularity this place has snatched, there lies greater prospects. The Sonic Stadium has now grown so huge, tons of little Free Webspace accounts can’t even fit all our stuff in. A new friend of ours is now giving us unlimited webspace and bandwidth for nothing, which will increase popularity and lessens confusion for me too.

Unfortunately, the future is not bright for everything. As time went on, ezBoard has become worse and worse and worse at being competent enough for a decent, free Message Board. Needless sounding yet essential (sometimes) features like ‘Sticky’ Posts and Special Customisation of the board could only be done if you donated about $30 to the ezBoard cause, and even then it lasted only 3-6 months.

Adverts, as you can see, are now infesting the Message Board – it’s hard to breather without being attacked by “Super Mini Digital Camera-zilla” in your face… and at the most times, some ezBoard posts won’t even register!

Indeed, ezBoard has been good to us in some respects… up until recently that is. I would not say that ezBoard bad at all (I’d call the adverts infuriating…), I would say it was adequate for what I needed from a Message Board 2 years ago. But, why torture ourselves through masses of needless adverts and non-working topic posts etc, when we can have it all laid out on a silver platter for us all.

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