Important Announcement Regarding Move

Important Announcement Regarding Move

OK then, I’d like EVERYONE to take notice of this Announcement. I don’t want anybody left clueless or left behind on the whole ‘leaving ezBoard’ thing.

I notice a few of you (be they newbie or regulars) that haven’t a clue what is going on. This topic is to inform you exactly what is going on, and the information you need to know about. For people who already know about the move, this topic is simply to re-instate the fact that I am serious about leaving the ezBoard.

This post is mostly about the history of this place, but PLEASE read through it – that way you will understand WHY we need to move to a better and new Message Board program, and why I am so eager for you to move to a new board as of next week.
When I was first set about the idea of creating my own Message Board, I was trying to think of a place to base it at. After much consideration, I chose ezBoard. The reasons for this was that it was very popular (like it is now), there was minimal effort for me to do to make it happen (in the sense that I had to download it, find a server etc…), and it was convenient of all things.

EzBoard was good back in the day. Not really any adverts to notice about, no plaguing of the “BUY ezSUPPORTER! BUY GOLD COMMUNITY! BUY ezBOARD BRANDED APPLES! BUY BUY BUY!” malarkey that seems to be taking place now, and it was quick.

A good two years down the line, and this MB has a lot of history. Not all good though.

When I first made the MB right in this spot, it was called something like “The Sonic Stadium Message Board”. Of course at the time, the ‘Stadium was just starting out, and no-one saw any relevance in the name of the MB… no-one started going, and the few who did stopped for not very long.

I re-jiggled this place into what I then called “Dreadknux’s Forum”. Maybe a bit too big-headed for some people’s tastes… still no-one arrived. Blah, I thought, and the third transition made here was an MB titled “The Dead Sonic Message Board” – somewhat of an ironic backlash for the failure of my ‘beloved’ MB.

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