TSS UPDATE: The Sonic Site Awards 2002!

Yeay! I know I’m late with everything these days, but The Sonic Site Awards 2002 is finally underway, with PHASE 1 in full swing! Click here to visit the SSA page and find out what you need to do to take part!

Now, this is also a site announcement, because some people still don’t get what’s going on here with regards to SSNG. To those who did not understand before, I did not kick Andrew out of SSNG, so that I could start again with The Sonic Stadium and clear my name. That’s not the case at all. Andrew, the poor sod, had been losing sleep because he was updating the site instead of having a kip (when the site was ‘SSNG’ a week ago).

He left because he simply did not have the strength to continue updating the site when he could be sleeping, and also because he had a lot of commitments in real life to attend to as well. I was taken aback by his resignation, but I thought that instead, I could carry the site on and make a fresh start. We never wanted to be accused of stealing any content, but that’s how bad things got with SSNG.

So, with The Sonic Stadium, I decided to start fresh. All the ‘stolen’ content is being binned or edited, and Andrew may come back as co-head of the site yet. It’s up to him. I’m not a mean old ogre. I did not kick Andrew out of SSNG. He left of his own accord, and I would welcome him back to be co-head again.

While I’m on the subject, Andrew actually still works here after I asked him to stay. So any rumours of me kicking him out are totally unfounded in the first place. You should get your facts straight. When Andrew decided to leave, he got loads of offers from other sites. When I offered him a place, just doing the news (so that he doesn’t tire himself out) this time, he accepted.

Maybe these rumours started because of jealous webmasters. I’m not one to think like that, but… who knows? What can I think, when someone accuses me of kicking my good online friend off of a website, when in all honesty I would have been better off keeping him?

That’s all! Previews of the new Sonic games are coming later, but for now, The Sonic Site Awards is online now. Go check it out!

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