New Sonic Advance 2 Information

New Sonic Advance 2 Information

This is an article from IGNPocket reading the the latest Famitsu magazine about Sonic Advance 2 for GBA:

The three stages shown…include “Leaf Forest” (the game’s first stage), “Hot Crater” (the fire stage starring Knuckles) and a third, unnamed stage featuring a musical design and an over-abundance of color (look for Tails floating through a pink wonderland.) No features were announced in the magazine’s article (no word on if there’s a link-up with the upcoming Gamecube Sonic game), but we do know that the game’s speed has been upped from the previous game (possibly a very good thing, since Sonic’s trademark speed was left at a cruising third gear for the last handheld adventure). Specifics on the developer were not given, but it looks like DIMPS has once again handled the design for Sonic Team on this one.

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