Freedom of Speech Rules

Freedom of Speech Rules

I like to think that the Sega Sonic Message Board is good to all members here, in the fact that this place is a sanctuary for anyone to speak their mind about anything, be it Sonic, cheese or…. erm, stuff.

But, due to an event happening on another board (that I stopped going to, yet lurked for quite a bit…. rest assured I ain’t going back there anymore), something made my head whirr, and click something.

See, that board I visited claimed to be liberal, and it was, mostly. It offered freedom of speech, and one of it’s morals was to allow anyone the right to say what they want to, without getting lashed upon by other members. BUT, this principle turned on it’s head – as the supposedly liberal forum turned into an MB of arguments, as everyone had disagreeing thoughts with one another, and strong feelings that collided with each other’s own opinions.

Now, being only sliiiiightly involved (in backing a friend up), I come to check up on this place, and I see topics that are a bit…. well, ‘fanboy’-ee.

I’m particularly talking about Sonic Guy, and his rage in the “Hate PS2” topic.

I want my Message Board members to get along. I’m not saying there’s any flamewars happening – thankfully, despite SG’s outburst, many members have been mature enough to dismiss it. Or, they just know him too well, and just plainly ignored him.

This isn’t a straight dig at Sonic Guy – though he always seems to be the ‘patriot’ around here. This is aimed at everyone in this message board, just to give you fair warning.

It’s good to have your own opinions, but what I’ve learnt from that episode on that other Message Board, is that you have to RESPECT other people’s views and beliefs too, otherwise you’re just asking for a smack in the face. 

Everything that you say may be right to you – but to someone else, your opinions could mean jack @#%$. For those that seem to be bringing across the message that their word is law around here, let me tell you to buck up your ideas and realise that your opinions and beliefs AREN’T the be-all and end-all. They are views from one person, and shouldn’t be shoved in people’s faces as the bible.

If you insist on doing this, then all I can do is show you the door. I won’t welcome anyone here that cannot tolerate other people’s opinions, whether it be video games (which is most of the time, if you plan on relating this topic to Sonic Guy), or any other topic.

Furthermore, anyone who has differing views on Sega, Sonic or Nintendo (because there’s something I feel being put across that this Message Board only cares about Sonic, Sega and Nintendo when it comes to Video Games) and think that, possibly they prefer Sony or Microsoft, then feel free to express your opinions without feeling intimidated. 

I want people to speak their minds here, not pass off a load of baloney about their opinions just because they feel they’ll get flamed because of saying something that is different to what everyone else may feel.

After the incident on the MB that I’ve been a witness of it’s downfall and rebuild, I think that our MB will crumble apart too, if I don’t enforce what I built this Message Board for in the first place.

I’m not having a pop at anyone, merely warning you that I won’t tolerate anyone who does not respect the opinions of others here, as I stated earlier. However….

Just as a singling – out moment here, Sonic Guy, you of all people must respect the views of others. If someone says that:
“It’ll be good if Sonic appears on PS2”, for example, then don’t reply with:
“Oh, you stupid tw@, why would you think that? PS2 must burrrrrrrrn”

That kind of behaviour gets people nowhere, and if you dare lash out like that because someone expressed a differing opinion again… well, let’s just say what’ll happen in consequence would have happened because you did it to yourself.

If you feel the need to be heavily patriotic all of a sudden, take your thoughts elsewhere, that goes for anyone else. Having said that, if you think that you can tolerate other people’s beliefs and opinions on just about any subject, then please by all means stay on this MB.

No-one should respond in the negative towards this new ruling – I do not expect people to ‘take a vote’ on it. This new rule is not negotiable, and is effective as of now. Heavy duty flamewars start because of difference of opinion, and not being able to control one’s tolerance of another opinion. I’m damned if I’m going to let this kind of thing continue. 

Thanks for reading, and you’ll be put on a warning Strike as soon as you can click your fingers if this kind of situation happens again.

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