Dudes, Stop The Fighting!

Dudes, Stop The Fighting!

Oh, and VCP’s little friends from the Sonic HQ camp – let it go, eh? It’s over. If you want to stay here some more, then by all means stay. But, if you’d rather crawl back into SHQ’s forums, then I have no problems with that either. ^_^ Just please, whatever you decide, leave my humble little MB alone from flames and annoying posts. All the spam (including recent flame-style posts) have been moved to the Fluff & Party Topics forum.

Let’s try to make a fresh start eh people? Group hug…… erm, well, yes, maybe not ^_^

To all those that come from SHQ but still wish to visit this board, welcome to the Sega Sonic Message Board! 🙂

UPDATE: Well, it doesn’t matter about SSNG anymore, SHQ guys, because SSNG will be soon replaced by…

The Sonic Stadium.

My site is coming back, as my good friend Sonic_Hedeghogs has been working hard (like I have) and has been losing sleep over it. With more important things like work (in real life, sily) to do, he has decided to quit SSNG.

I’m going to keep most of Sonic News’ content, but binning all that I am unsure of that may have been taken from another website. That way it’ll be like the Sonic Stadium used to be – no accusations of stealing content from Sonic HQ.

To all those that knew my old site, The Sonic Stadium is coming hooooome, people! ^_^ Believe.

To all those SHQ guys, don’t think it’s because of guilt or anything like that. It’s nothing of the sort. S_H has better things to do. SSNG was fun, but with everyone wrongly accusing us, we just lost the appeal in it. I still will be hosted soon though, as soon as September, but for now, SSNG is closed and will be until further notice. Thank you.

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