Dudes, Stop The Fighting!

Dudes, Stop The Fighting!

Again, this is the umpteenth time someone has complained that SSNG is a copy of SHQ, but has not specified at all what we have copied from their site. I mean, we couldn’t have stolen the layout, that’s our original design. We couldn’t have stolen the official pictures (excepting Knux Adventure ^_^), because that’s Sega’s work, not SHQ’s. We couldn’t have stolen the music, because people have sent that in themselves. We couldn’t have stolen the downloads, because we collected and contacted the creators of the downloads ourselves (within reason, can’t excactly contact Sega for use of a Sonic CD PC demo for download, they’ll never answer anyway ^_^). We couldn’t have stolen any of the written material, purely because we have spent night and day for the past two years writing our own material, and to say it’s copied is a complete and utter insult. We couldn’t have stolen the games information pages, because every Sonic site has one (unless they don’t know who Sonic is ^^). Let’s face it, there’s not a lot we can think of that we have possibly stolen from Sonic HQ, especially having not stepped foot in to sodding website further than the main page (and possibly the backgrounds ^^).

So what in the hell _have_ we stolen? The fact that it’s a Sonic website? The fact that we dared try to make a Sonic website? The fact that the title of our site has the word ‘Sonic’ in it?

I’m not having a go, I’m just completely frustrated at how Sonic HQ fanboys think here. It’s silly, and their claims are totally unfounded. On another note, we are sorry if you don’t like the layout of SSNG, Gorgon, so why don’t you venture into Sonic HQ?

In the future, we will question people submitting things (or asking to use their images etc) if it is their own work, so that no-one can say that we ‘stole something from tSf’ – the last thing we want is all the bloody Sonic website fanboys ganging us up, especially when we haven’t done anything wrong, except for the fact we’ve made a Sonic website.

Right, I’m done with the old SSNG/SHQ rant, now please, can’t you just let it die? Face it, we haven’t taken anything without consent, and we will give SHQ credit for the Knux Adventure pictures. Especially seeings SSNG and SHQ’s heads are OK with each other anyway – it just seems like the fanboys that are starting all the trouble, just like football (or soccer) hooligans, with Sonic HQ fanboys being England fans.

So please, drop the SSNG/SHQ comments. They’re completely unfounded, and you’d only be starting an already dead flamewar, like Roareye said.

To wrap it all up, I apologise once more for my behaviour – I’m not normally outbursting like this ^_^ but VCP, please don’t try to antagonise anyone with your over-excrutiaitingly-annoying corrections, because let’s face it, that’s about allyou ever post about here, whether it be SSNG, or anyone else’s site. It gets on everyone tits, let’s be honest. But still, I appreciate the corrections you have given me to alter in SSNG. If you are trying to get a topic up to the first page, please type something more appropriate like ‘Bump’ or something, and not ‘Have you corrected it yet? Well, have you? Godammit, you haven’t have you?’ You don’t own SSNG, so just let it drop if we haven’t had the time to change anything yet.

Obviously, we appreciate your corrections in the future, but not so much at once, and not too often, eh? Just mentioning it once will do as well, because your way of correcting sites that aren’t Sonic HQ on other boards have gotten you banned, I’m told. Like I said, VCP, I like you, so don’t screw yourself over by coming across as annoying, OK? You’re Warning has been lifted, you’re no longer under threat of the ban.

You’ve read what I’ve said above, so here’s the bottom line – talk about SSNG stealing Sonic HQ’s content on this MB ever again, and you’ll be given a Strike 2 warning instantly. There’s no need to start old flame wars, especially ones that are totally unfounded on your part. And that means so much as even replying to this topic – we don’t want to hear it. Unless you have something to put across (i.e. something that SSNG may have possibly taken from Sonic HQ by accident), but that’s all that will be allowed, OK? No flames, no nothing. If I see a full-on flamewar concerning SSNG/SHQ copycat situation, ALL of the attackers involved will be put on instant Strike 3 warning. OK? Good. Welcome to my board ^_^

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