Dudes, Stop The Fighting!

Dudes, Stop The Fighting!

Right, call this an apology to VCP if you will (not to the SHQ Invaders, since they happen to be…. ‘just visiting’).

VCP, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. Your way of describing Sonic’s world is new to me, so I cannot say for sure whether you were right and I was wrong etc, but because of my outburst, I was wrong. I had no right to snap at you like that, and if it’s OK with you, I’d like to delete the topic (if I just do it anyway, the SHQ fanboys’ll have something _more_ to dig at me about, that I’m trying to cover up what I started -_-).

Eastwood was right – look man, I didn’t mean to get off on a bad start at the MoFo, OK? I should have just left it and thought about it, but what can I say? I have a flaw – I act on impulse, doesn’t most people do that? Still, I’m sorry anyways… but come on – there was no port of call to just spam like that (so I’ve heard from another topic, I only just got on and have no real time to chat…). Also, if VCP never wanted a fight in the first place, how come about 5-10 Sonic HQ fans have suddenly appeared on my Message Board? A certain ironic possibility arises there…

In either case, bringing more people to back VCP up was just plain stupid. Like Joshu said, this only made the problem worse – all I want is a nice little community in which we can have a laugh and talk about Sonic in – or is that idea copyrighted by Sonic HQ too? o.O

And, let me get just one thing sorted, alright? I don’t care how the SHQ fanboys see this (I don’t know, maybe you see it as a threat, you wouldn’t go on about it otherwise…), but SSNG is not, repeat NOT, repeat _NOT_, repeat _NOT_ a copy of Sonic HQ. We have never taken anything from that site (apart from the backgrounds, but we’ve taken them off, so what’s to complain about?) in our lives – the Knuckles Adventure thing was a mistake – we had seen it on another Sonic site (NOT Sonic HQ) and asked if we could use it. The webmaster of that website said yes. We had no idea that it was originally Sonic HQ’s content, OK?

However, we won’t delete it off of our site – to you, it would only throw more wood on the fire – the fanboys would say “See, we were right all along, SSNG _was_ taking Sonic HQ’s stuff, and now they’ve taken it down, they’re trying to cover it up”, like any narrow-minded fanboy would say.

Instead, we will credit Sonic HQ, and add a link to the website, unless Vector is uncomfortable with that (SSNG and SHQ are not exactly biting each other’s heads off – so what in the big blue hell are you lot doing here having a go at us *looks at General Gorgon*). In which case, we will take it off our site.

We have nothing against Sonic HQ, or any other website for that matter – is it too much to make a Sonic site and survive? Anyone that even attempts to do so will get their heads bitten off by Sonic HQ fanboy’s sharks. SSNG are the victims here, so the question we are asking is, “Where the hell do we stand, people?”

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