Two Iconic Archie Sonic Comic Covers Go Up For Auction on eBay

Archie Comics’ Sonic author and artist, Ken Penders, is once more offering a small selection of original works on eBay. These two items in particular could be of huge interest to American Sonic fans though, as they mark two landmark moments in the comic book’s history.

The first cover is the original version of Sonic #47, which features Sonic dramatically trying to save Sally as she falls off Robotropolis tower at the start of the iconic Endgame story arc. This was drawn by Spaz and Harvo, and is also autographed by Spaz. You can see the cover for this above (although you’ll be bidding on the original work, so will look slightly different to this).

Bidding ends on June 15th at 3:09pm Eastern Time, the link to the auction is here.

The second auction is for Sonic #101, and features art by Spaz and Ribeiro. This is a striking piece as it centres on the infamous ‘Green Knuckles’. Bidding for this one ends on June 15th as well, at 3:21pm Eastern Time. Get to the auction page right here.

More details can be found at Ken Penders’ very own website.

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