SSMB UPDATE: Last Ever Announcement…

In this forum. Yes, as you may have noticed, I’m executing (god, I sound like Windows) to totally redesign this place. It’ll kick ass when I’m finally finished. And, I already have one forum finished (it’ll look the same in places because of that sodding bug) – it’s called The Sky Sanctuary Reception Desk. You can find it at the bottom of the forum listing.

The SSRD is replacing the Requests and Q&A Forum, putting the two into one. Also, future announcements will be made there regarding this MB, or SSNG itself (SSNG is due to hit your screens THIS SUNDAY!)

Because of the SSNG phenomena, this MB is being renamed too. No longer will it be called the SSMB (but you can still name it that if you really want). When the whole board is complete, it’ll be known as The South Island Forum – or the SI Forum if you want – to give it a more Sonic-y feel to it all.

Andrew is helping me with the redesign, and the SSRD is the first look at things to come (click on NEW TOPIC to see the background in co-ordination with the colours…). Things look boring at the moment, but soon Ezboard’ll get this thing sorted, and then we’ll see a brighter future, I promise.

Now, can you sing SCAAAAAHHHHTTTMAAAAAAN!!!!???

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