Rumour: Next Sonic Game In Development, Will Be A ‘Return to Roots’

New Sonic game alert! According to a fresh rumour in this month’s gaming magazines, Sonic Team in Japan is hard at work on the next mainline Sonic the Hedgehog project – and it spells the end of treasure hunting and shooting in favour of the traditional platforming action that Sonic is best known for.

The article, from Electronic Gaming Monthly, states that “SEGA’s blue, attitude-filled, sneaker wearin’ mascot has gone on his last Adventure,” suggesting that the next true game won’t be an entry in the Sonic Adventure series. According to the article:

“Sonic Team is reportedly hard at work in Japan on a brand-new Sonic that will take the ‘hog back to his roots’. That’s right – no more freakin’ searching for jewels as Knuckles. The gameplay will return to the tone of the original series, focusing on fast platforming action with no B.S.”

We already heard about a brand new Game Boy Advance title that’s apparently in the works, as well as a rumour that Sonic Adventure 3 is indeed in development. But this article seems to suggest that this project will be the new direction for the series from hereon out.

And to reflect the change in design, the game will reportedly drop the Adventures moniker it has clung to for the past few years. While a release date remains sketchy at this point, we could see see the first fresh fruits of Sonic Team’s labor by the end of the summer…”

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Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly Article

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