PSO Episode I & II Finally Releases in Japan in August; Level Cap Raised to 200

It feels like we’ve been waiting f-o-r-e-v-e-r for Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II to come out on Nintendo Gamecube, but it seems that we’re finally turning a corner on it. According to a new report, the game will finally launch in Japan on August 8 – and come bundled with more improvements than we originally thought.

The XenGamers article notes that PSO has already been in public beta testing in Japan for a while, but the final game will release for a price of ¥6,800, with additional subscription charges of ¥900 per 30 days online access (¥1500 for 90 days). The final version will also come with extra features such as new stages, weapons and a raised level cap of Lv.200.

A raised level cap like this means that players will be engaged with PSO even more than before! Those lucky fans in Japan will get the game in a few months time, but we will still need to wait for a formal notice from SEGA for its Western release date – we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything.

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