Official Sonic Store ‘R-Mix’ Celebrates First Anniversary With New Clothing Range

Happy birthday to the official Sonic clothing store, R-Mix! The apparel store, situated near Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan theme park, launched in June 2001. To celebrate this, the shop has kicked off a special sale on its Sonic products – and appears to have released a new line of clothing in the process.

In news posted on Sonic Team’s official website, for a limited time all of R-Mix’s Sonic fashion items will be priced at ¥2,900 each. You also don’t need to head into the store personally to make an order, as the website mentions a new mail order service for customers living far away (hopefully that means us, too!)

The new products on show today include orange and blue t-shirts with two different designs (one with Sonic skateboarding, another with Sonic standing), several kinds of bags (a multi-pocket tote; a hip bag with pockets for cell phone, wallet, drinks and CDs; and a vertical pocket shoulder bag) and a yellow long-sleeved shirt. Apparently a special pair of trainers are also available, but was not pictured.

R-Mix opened its doors a year ago, and has changed its Sonic-related product lines a couple of times since its launch. We hope that the store continues to be a success – at least until we can come along and visit ourselves one day!

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