SSMB UPDATE: Conclusion of SBS Final Battle… NEXT WEEK

In Sonic Battle Stadium news… I closed the topic of the Final Battle so that no-one can sneak in and change anything. I want to totally supervise this event, for one thing, and also, the number of battlers was decreasing more and more.

We need more hype if we want enough battlers to turn up, so FOR THE CONCLUSION OF THE FINAL BATTLE OF SEASON ONE, PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR:

3:00PM UK

Today’s first-parter was extraordinary! It’s lasted three and 3/4 hours! Now, the conclusion, and who will win all the Season 1 Trophies and awards, a special award given out by myself, and a secret special PRIZE…

Tune in next week, for those that aren’t planning to come back until then. Anyone wanting to discuss a new time should bring it to my attention in the Q&A forum BEFORE FRIDAY.

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