Rumour: Reports Talk of Sonic Adventure 3 in Development

Some big rumours coming in today, as fellow Sonic fansite Sonic HQ and gaming site The Magic Box lifts the lid concerning a new entry in the Sonic Adventure series!

According to SHQ’s news desk, a hot tip came in discussing the following details for a ‘Sonic Adventure 3’:

  • The game’s playable characters are Sonic, Shadow, Tails, & Knuckles. All stages will be optimised for Sonic and Shadow. Tails and Knuckes will use these stages in their their respective unique ways.
  • Next step in camera system evolution or as Naka-san bluntly put it: “The best camera system ever seen in any platformer ever.”
  • For GameCube and Xbox.

This was a couple of days ago, but today gaming site The Magic Box has also reported on the rumour. We’re still taking all of this with a massive punch of salt, but the fact that this has appeared on multiple sites means that this is gaining some traction.

The ‘Stadium will try and get to the bottom of these rumours, to see if they really are what they seem.

Source: Sonic HQ News

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