Downloadable Mini-Games in PSO

Downloadable Mini-Games in PSO

From an IGN News Story:

“A demo area set up in Nintendo’s booth to demonstrate the connectivity of the GameCube and GBA revealed that Sega has some great tricks up its sleeve regarding Phantasy Star Online on the Nintendo console. By connecting a GBA unit to the GameCube, players can actually download supplied GBA minigames from the Phantasy Star Online server.

This was demonstrated at Nintendo’s “Get Connected!” section of its booth, where gamers familiar with the Phantasy Star Online interface could head into the N-Port section and grab minigames for the Game Boy Advance, including Puyo Pop and Nights into Dreams: Score Attack. Since we’ve already played Puyo Pop, we went right for the goods and played around with Nights. The game is, essentially, a 2D conversion of the 3D game released on the Saturn system several years ago. The GBA version features scrolling bitmap backgrounds instead of a full polygonal world, but the flying action was pretty faithfully converted on the digital GBA pad.”

Exciting, huh? Click below to find screens and footage of NiGHTS in action.

Source: IGN “Article”

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