TSS UPDATE: Sonic Site Awards 2001 Post-Ceremony Celebration! Winners Round-Up!

Yes, it’s finally come to an end. After six whole months of site submissions, category entries, polling mania and celebration hype, the Sonic Site Awards 2001 is now officially over. Hence it being 2002 at this precise time now. I can’t really judge how the Phase 3 celebrations went (I don’t like commenting on my own events), but I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and I hope you all did.

I must say, I did drop the idea of announcing the winners via Live Broadcast, as many people were having to buffer the stream every six seconds. Not good. So we switched to the Sonic Stadium Chat Room to announce them instead, and the atmosphere was much better… if a little bit mad. But hey, we’re ALL mad, right? ­čśë

If you were there, drop me a line anytime and tell me what you thought of the event. There were certainly some surprises in store, and the SSA 2001 Page is still open purely as a recap of the results in case some people missed the online ceremony.

Yes, so you (and especially, I) can rest as the excitement dies down for, what truly was the biggest Sonic online event of 2001. Because of the immense popularity of the whole thing last year though, expect a ‘sequel’ to this extraordinary event, starting in the next six or seven months. 2001 has ended, but The Sonic Site Awards carries on to 2002. Keep an eye on the Sonic Stadium during the Summer months…

Finally before we draw this jolly contest to a close… Congratulations to all the Sonic sites that received awards for their efforts, and commiserations to those that came so close to grabbing an award but didn’t get one. Hopefully though, all that “Oh, I didn’t win, it’s not fair” attitude should be behind everyone, as hopefully everyone was having too much of a fun time at the Phase 3 Ceremony to even care.

I hope you have enjoyed the past six frantic months, and now… I’m going to have Boxing Day… again (one of my New Year’s Resolutions ^_^).


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