‘Legends of Mobius’ Promises Authentic Sonic MMORPG Experience

If you’re itching for a fresh Sonic gaming experience, made by fans, then keep an eye on this upcoming project – a group called Maim Entertainment are reportedly hard at work on an MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online RPG) that focuses entirely on the blue blur’s world.

In what is being described as ‘possibly the first fan game of any description to take the form of an MMORPG’, Legends of Mobius sets players right in the middle of the Freedom Fighters’ battle against Robotnik, as a customisable nomadic character.

“As a citizen of the Planet Mobius… what [the player does] in that world is entirely up to them,” a statement from the developers reads. “They may choose to take up the fight against Robotnik. Or go on a quest for treasures of power and riches. Or decide to trade your way into wealth. It’s up to you.”

Maim Entertainment also have a little Christmas surprise lined up; an official Beta of the fan game will be released on Saturday 22 December, consisting of a small-ish area with ‘many secrets to find’. A launch party for the Beta will kick off at 9pm GMT (that’s UK time!), and if you want to be part of the festivities you can join the game’s official IRC at irc.mysteria.net (#mobius channel) from 8pm GMT onwards.

Source: Legends of Mobius (via Sonic HQ)

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