Community Interview: Fireball20XL Comic Author PsyGuy

Known as the ‘Mad Dog of Sprite Comics’ (well… to us, anyway), PsyGuy is the creator of the Fireball20XL website, a fan comic workshop that contains a number of strips including Dirty Power and That’s My Sonic. As one of the leading voices in the Sprite Comic arena, we had a chat with Psy to learn more about the cool things he’s doing.

TSS: Hey PsyGuy! It’s great to see you’ve decided to join The Sonic Stadium for an interview.
PG: Hey Sonic News guy, thank you.

TSS: I haven’t been called that in over a year! So, why are you important in the Sonic Internet Community?
PG: I offer crazy comics at a low low price. Plus, Uh… people like my look on the way the Sonic world should be. And, I like pizza.

TSS: What kind of pizza?
PG: … No cheese pizza!

TSS: Tell us about yourself and how you got started in the Sonic community.
PG: Well, I was the original big three… as they say. It was J. Axer, Ruby (Dawn Best), and me. I had a happy little art site, while J. Axer was… famous n’ stuff. Ruby was famous too. I guess I was just the third wheel. Things didn’t really kick off. Until That’s My Sonic (TMS) started.

TSS: Where did you get the ideas for your comic That’s My Sonic?
PG: I’m just a crazy guy.

TSS: How long have you been a Sonic fan and why did you become a fan? What made you?
PG: I’ve been a fan since the very beginning. I used to get up two hours before school so I could play Sonic 1. What made me become a fan? Fate. Wait, I would like to add I am the biggest fan… ever. Okay, done.

TSS: Are you also a fan of Nintendo? Like Mario and things of that sort?
PG: Ya, right! The best game ever (even counting Sonic)? Super Smash Brothers Melee! It’s UNDENIABLE!

TSS: What’s the difference from ‘That’s My Sonic’ and ‘That’s My Sonic Argh!’?
PG: TMS is done by me and me alone. ‘That’s My Sonic Argh’ is done by me and my friend, Ritz. He runs ‘Sonic Argh’. I run ‘That’s My Sonic’. FUUUSION! ‘That’s My Sonic Argh’!

TSS: What influenced you most to start a Sonic related site? Was there a particular Sonic site that inspired you, or was it all you?
PG: In the beginning, I had 3D pictures of Sonic that I offered peeps. It… kinda did its own thing. But, it was mostly Sonic.

TSS: I know you’re happy about Sonic going to the Gamecube in the form of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. What are your thoughts on that and any other current events in the Sonic world?
PG: They need to make Amy go out with Sonic. OH…MY…GOD. She wants him. He wants her. Let ’em do it already! GAW!!

TSS: Who said Sonic wanted Amy?
PG: Oh c’mon! He wouldn’t save her *cough* so many times if he didn’t want to tap it!

TSS: Well, let’s get away from this topic and speed off to the next. What other things have you done online? Have you written Sonic fan fiction and thing like that?
PG: HAVE I? I’ve got super-dooper fan-fiction Sonic-stuff funky-action going on! Right now I’ve got the most critically acclaimed, best Sonic story ever! Sonic Fighters! Non stop action! *Banum* I have artwork that I do, as well. 2D stuff. I also make webpages for people… IIIII…. do stuff… I have a story line now. And it’s…completely random. I have no idea what’s going to happen next.

TSS: What was Dirty Power / Fireball20XL like when you first started it?
PG: Well, no one liked it… at all. I want them to like it. And that’ll be a major part of my site once I get Flash. *hint hint hint*


TSS: If you had a chance to run butt-naked across a location freely, where would you go?
PG: Right here. And I would shout EUREKA!!!

TSS: Where do you see your site in the next year? *Hint Hint Hint*
PG: It’s… uhm… I’m not sure. I don’t know where it will be tomorrow.

TSS: Explain your character Psycho and why you created him.
PG: Psycho is a great name. Let’s face it. Someone needed to be named that. So, I made a green hedgehog and named him Psycho. And he just… turned into what he is now.

TSS: Now explain Yoshi, Old Tomato, D.P. Tomato, D.P. Apple, DR. Dolittle, Orange, Monev, Bob Newhart, Kojiro, Edd, Kat, Fruits Advance, Justin, Baby Psy, Sotsu, Jeremy, Tuxedo Edd…
PG: They’re all the result of a Magic Kool-Aid binge.

TSS: Even Bob Newhart?
PG: ESPECIALLY BOB NEWHART. Do I really have to do that ^ thing. You don’t!

TSS: Ok, Skip it.

TSS: O_o
PG: I CAN’T TYPE!!!!!! *blows up*

TSS: And that’s what happens when you smoke, kids. Are you a fan of SaTAM, Sonic Anime, and AoSTH?
PG: SatAM blows. Sonic Anime rules. WHAT THE HELL IS AoSTH?

TSS: Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog.
PG: *DIES* NOOoooooOOO!!!! What…were they thinking! “Hey look, I’ve got an extra 10 grand! CRAPPY SONIC SERIES! YAY!”

TSS: OK everyone, I’ll pass out Psy’s address after the interview, don’t let him live! AoSTH is pretty bad, but SatAM is great!
PG: No… No it’s not. It’s STEVE ERKLE! And, it has Sally! Anything with Sally MUST DIE!

TSS: What do you think of Sonic Advance coming to the GBA soon?

TSS: Will you be doing any special holiday comics for Dirty Power / Fireball20XL soon?
PG: Yes… I don’t know what, though.

TSS: Okay, before we break any laws here, thanks for doing this interview and good luck on Dirty Power/ Fireball20XL.
PG: You know what we gotta do now, don’t you?

TSS: No, what’s that?

TSS: Okay I’m not talking to you anymore until you strip butt-naked and run through a police station.
PG: Done and done.

Visit Fireball20XL and read the many strips contained within by clicking here.