TSS UPDATE: Happy (late) Birthday to The Sonic Stadium!

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Sonic Stadium’s month-late Birthday party! The Music Zone’s up and fully online, all the new MIDIs are present, so have a whale of a time! Deeply sorry for keeping you waiting this long for them, but Topcities are dump, so, there. More hoaxes from Ultimo and Ace Fox, more links, and the Surgeon you love to hate, Dr. Dre(ad) is back and answering your questions!

Coming soon is the start of a Sonic Stadium – exclusive Sonic comic by Luke Perry, thanks a bunch! ^^ Plus, all of you waiting to find out the final details of the Sonic Site Awards: PHASE 3 – THE CEREMONY can now rest – ALL THE OFFICIAL INFO IN THE PAGE!!! Be at the ceremony – it’ll be fantastic! Remember, Polls officially close November 30th, so get moving to ensure winning-ness! Have fun with everything here, and blow out a candle for the Stadium’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

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