Phantasy Star Online Earns Accolade from BAFTA

And the awards just keep on coming for Phantasy Star Online. Sonic Team’s innovative console RPG has been honoured by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in this year’s Interactive Entertainment awards. This is a big deal, as BAFTA is the leading arts group in the UK.

PSO won the BAFTA in the ‘Games – Networked’ category. “Phantasy Star Online is one of the first console online games which crosses international barriers and creates and builds online communities,” writes the description of the game as the reason for its win.

Check out the BAFTA website here for more on the Interactive Entertainment awards and other winners, including video games Max Payne and Gran Turismo 3.

Phantasy Star Online wins another award,this time from BAFTA,click here to veiw what they say.

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