TSS UPDATE: Topcities Catches Music Account Bother

I decided to open a new Topcities account, because if I put the new midis in my current one, there won’t be any room left for those quality pages I keep coming up with ;P So that’s what I did. I updated with the news, and soon after Topcities deleted my new account, along with some other innocents. Why? Only God knows, it seems. Next month, I will sort this thing out, this is getting out of hand.

The Stadium has passed 4,000 hits! This must have been due to the mad rush after I announced (rather late) the second PHASE of the Sonic Site Awards. It wasn’t easy – I had to mail all the nominations, make the pages, and invite everyone to a celebratory bash that’s imminent at the end of the year. I still have to email TT, as he gave me the wrong site URL, and I don’t know his email address, which is handy. The bummer is, he’s through to the finals…

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