R-MIX Official Sonic Store Updates its Clothing Range

It’s been a couple of months since the amazing Sonic Store at R-Mix has been open, and today we’ve heard word that the clothing lines on sale has had a bit of a seasonal update! Long-sleeved t-shirts, Parker jackets and baseball shirts all adorning the blue blur’s name can now be found in the Osaka-based retailer.

You can see the new range in the images above. Prices range from 3,900 Yen for the shirts and tops to 2,900 Yen for the shoulder bags. The orange and navy pullover sweater is the outlier, priced at 4,800 Yen.

Check out the new range on the Sonic Team website; and you can check out our previous post on the R-Mix store to get directions and more information on the place.

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