Unofficial Sonic Adventure 2 Chao Editor Released

Sonic Adventure 2’s Chao raising features are pretty cool and all, but there are some of us who don’t want to endure the pain of slowly breeding the right kind of creature to win races with (and thus get Emblems). Sometimes the process of getting that NiGHTS Chao or other special A-Life buddy involves too much trial and error. Well give three cheers to Alessandro Sanasi, who has written a brand new Chao Editor program for Sonic Adventure 2.

The program works by being installed on your Dreamcast’s VMU, and once booted can modify the statistics, appearance and personality of any Chao loaded into the memory card¬†via SA2’s Chao Garden.

About the only thing you can’t do with this program is upload your mutated creations to the online Sonic Adventure 2 gamepage on your Dreamcast to share with friends – Sanasi’s program includes an identifier that is caught by SEGA’s CGI script upon upload, preventing it from being shared.

You can grab yourself the editor by going here.

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