Dreamcast Price Cut Official; Get It For $79.95

Now that the Dreamcast is winding down for early retirement, SEGA has confirmed that it will be introducing a price drop for the console in North America. You will now be able to get the little white box for $79.95 (down from $99.95), as well as controllers for $14.95 each.

If you’re after peripherals, or a special bundle deal, you can grab a VMU for $9.95 and the Sonic hardware pack for $99.95 (including a Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle and blue Sonic-branded VMU).

While SEGA has said it intends to continue supporting the Dreamcast with more than 20 titles this year (including Shenmue II, Aliens Front Online and the SEGA Sports Series), FGN Online suggests that there will be a second price drop for the console later in the year for $49.95.

From the article:

“We’re on track with our previously announced plans to sell through all the remaining Dreamcast units with our primary focus moving towards multi-platform game development,” said Chris Gilbert, executive vice president sales, marketing and operations, Sega of America. “Sega’s strength is game content and the lower price point makes it even easier for consumers to enjoy the Sega experience with over 200 games already available for the system. In addition, Dreamcast is a great choice for consumers because it offers out-of-the-box online gameplay capabilities, something that no other console is offering right now.”

Source: FGN Online