Tracklist and Details on Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Soundtrack

SEGA will be releasing a Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal soundtrack, titled ‘Cuts Unleashed: SA2 Vocal Collection’, in Japan on August 22. It’ll go on sale for 2635 Yen (or about US$21). It’s unlikely to get a release outside of Japan, so you might want to consider importing it.

Below you can find the tracklist and some artwork. There are rumours that a double-CD soundtrack release may also be on the cards – keep visiting The Sonic Stadium for info as it comes.

  1. It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic)
  2. Escape From The City (City Escape)
  3. Believe In Myself (Tails)
  4. Unknown From M.E. (Knuckles)
  5. Fly In The Freedom (Rouge)
  6. Throw It All Away (Shadow)
  7. E.G.G.M.A.N. (Dr Eggman)
  8. Live & Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)
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