The ULTIMATE Sonic Adventure 2 Guide

This is truly a Sonic Stadium FIRST – the only Sonic Adventure 2 Guide around on the ‘net! Find out about everything – how to get those blasted ‘A’ Ranks, where Big is hiding in each level, where the hidden animals are, even tricks on how to get the hang of karting! Take your pick from the menu below – the game is so big, that the guide is too!

We’ve kicked things off with some 100% completion guides for the first few levels in the game; Sonic’s City Escape and F-6t Big Foot boss fight, Knuckles’ Wild Canyon, Tails’ Prison Lane and Eggman Boss, as well as Rouge’s Dry Lagoon, Shadow’s Hot Shot boss fight and Eggman’s Iron Gate stage.

You can see our progress and read about future level guides by heading to our landing page right here.

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