PSO Getting Three New ‘Sonic Team’ Quests This Week

Hold on to your RPG hats, because SEGA is preparing three new quests for Phantasy Star Online players on July 19th; all of which pay homage to other Sonic Team franchises.

The first quest involves looking for a dog deep within the forest. Your companion? A hedgehog with a strange blue tint. Hm… The second quest is a nod to Burning Rangers, with the player having to rescue people from a burning forest. And the third challenges you to find a musician’s lost set of maracas – clearly a reference to Samba de Amigo.

SEGA will be shutting down the PSO servers for a couple of hours in the evening on July 19th, so that they can set up the new quests. But once the servers are back online, you can play these new levels to your hearts content. Thanks Sonic Team!

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