Ken Penders: Sonic #100 and #101 Are Complete

Ken Penders has had another one of his interesting little chatroom sessions, and Sonic Archie comics fans got a fair amount of new info on what he’s up to and where the story arcs are going. The headlines? Sonic #100 and #101 are done, and Knuckles will be returning in Sonic #105. Read on for the full details.

  • For the forseeable future, I’ll be concentrating strictly on KNUCKLES and the feature pages. At this point, SONIC #100 and #101 are in the can, and on their way to the printers.
  • Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to ink the Knuckles #101 story as originally planned due to my health, but Andrew Pepoy stepped in and I’m sure everyone will enjoy the final results. The feature pages spotlight PRINCESS SALLY and THE FLOATING ISLAND.
  • With regards to SONIC #102, I wrote the script and provided the layouts to my new assistant (whose identity will be made known shortly) for the KNUCKLES story, who went on to do another terrific job. (Pam Ekund is scheduled to ink the story.) Meanwhile, I provided the feature pages spotlighting KNOTHOLE VILLAGE and JULIE-SU.
  • The only thing I’m providing in SONIC #103, which includes the KNUCKLES FAMILY TREE.
  • SONIC #104 will feature art for the Sonic story by my assistant and I (or is it “me”? Dan? Ron?), concluding the story begun in SONIC #103 by Michael Gallagher and Jim Valentino.
  • SONIC #105, features the return of KNUCKLES,with script by yours truly and art by yours truly and his trusted aide (I’d list what’s in the feature pages, but I have to find the list I wrote down. I believe the one in #104 or #105 is a 2-page spread featuring STATION SQUARE from SONIC ADVENTURE).
  • There’s much more in the works, as Justin and I worked out the schedule up to issue #110, and I’ll post more when appropriate.