Sega Releasing Game Soundtracks Via Japanese Download Service

Mobile phone users in Japan just had their daily commute turned a whole lot funkier. Sega has announced a partnership with the DDI Pocket music service that will allow for downloadable game music to be enjoyed on the go.

Soundtracks from Sonic Adventure, Phantasy Star Online and Sakura Wars will be among the initial Sega music lineup of 100 tracks, with more added over time from both older and newer games. Each song will cost 200 to 250 yen to download.

It’s a good move – DDI Pocket already has around 1600 songs available on its service since starting operations in November 2000, and it’s growing every day. We wouldn’t be surprised if a similar service took off outside of Japan. If it does, we’d love to see Sega music on those too.

Source: IGN Dreamcast

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