Papped: Yuji Naka Enjoys Pikmin

E3 is a long, hard, punishing show. So it’s nice when developers get the chance to escape from the PR room and enjoy some gaming of their own. Sonic Team chief Yuji Naka was able to do just that at Nintendo’s booth this week, enjoying a round of strategy game Pikmin.

According to Gaming-Age, which took some photos of the legendary developer just after he put down the Gamecube controller, “I was unable to talk with him at that time since he was being interviewed by a Japanese television show. It looked like he was enjoying his short session of Pikmin, Miyamoto’s new innovative puzzle/strategy game. By the time I got the camera ready to shoot some pics he had already finished playing, but I still managed to get some of him in front of the Pikmin kiosks!”

Nice work! You can see some pictures below.

Source: Gaming-Age

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