Five New Stages in Sonic Adventure 2 Revealed!

Sonic Team just updated the Sonic Adventure 2 official homepage in a big way! Details on a whole heap of new levels were revealed, as well as a stack of screenshots to show how awesome they looked too!

We now know that Sonic will be escaping a prison island in Stage 4 of Hero Side, in a level called Metal Harbor. Low altitude jet fighters try to attack Sonic, as he uses the entire base around him to travel across water. Check out the screens below!

But there’s more! Info on a stage for Knuckles called Pumpkin Hill sees the echidna search for missing pieces of the Master Emerald in a spooky abandoned mine.  Swaying scarecrows and ghosts will appear at every turn to stop you getting the Master Emerald pieces.

Finally on Hero Side, Tails will become a wanted man in the level Mission Street. He will have to fight through the assault of the military and the police to get to safety. The stage looks a lot like the Speed Highway that we previously saw Shadow in during Dark Side story.

During the Dark Side’s third stage, Dr Eggman will be trying to get back into his own secret base after the military has launched an assault on the Sand Ocean! In order for the hefty villain to get across the quicksand, you’ll need to blow up dynamite on tall pillars and use them as bridges.

I think that last image is of Eggman sucking.

Finally, Sonic Team has revealed a new stage for Rouge the Bat. Called Egg Quarters, the fiesty new character is intent on breaking into Dr Eggman’s secret base, but in order to do that she needs to find the three keys hidden within the maze-like halls.

Sadly, no new reveal for the mysterious Shadow the Hedgehog today. It really seems like there’s more to this dark doppelganger than meets the eye, so we’re very interested to see more! Stay tuned! You can check all these images out on Sonic Team’s official site here!

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