Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #101

So, here we go – the solicitation for the first Archie Sonic comic since the landmark issue #100. Sonic and friends are now living in a universe that they no longer recognise, and #101 will begin to unravel the after-effects of the events that will take place in issue #100. Even the back-up story is tied to this new and exciting story arc! Read on…

Sonic the Hedgehog #101
Written by Karl Bollers & Ken Penders
Art by Ron Lim, Jim Amash & Ken Penders

After the catastrophic events of Sonic #100, Sonic and his friends find themselves living in a world that bears no resemblance to the one they’ve always known. Who – or – what is responsible?

Plus: Knuckles in “Replacing Reality.” Can it be so? Has Knuckles aligned himself with Dimitri and the Dark Legion? And can he really be serious about reversing history without considering the repercussions? Could it possible tie into the intrigue Sonic and his friends have recently found themselves in?

Price $1.99, ships August 24.

Source: Comics Continuum