‘Mega Drive 21’ Handheld Console to Launch in Japan

The Mega Drive lives on! In Japan and Asia at the very least – word on the street is that a new handheld device will be made available that comes pre-loaded with over twenty 16-Bit games. It’s called the ‘Mega Drive 21’ and will be on store shelves April 27.

It doesn’t look like your typical Mega Drive console, taking the form of a Tiger handheld, with the controller-designed device connecting directly to a TV to display the built-in games. There’s no word on a US release, but there are suspicions that this has anything to do with Sega – Asia is often a hotbed of unofficial products like these.

Still, it’ll be available for import if you really want it. It has Sonic the Hedgehog and Flicky built-in, along with a number of other titles – some of which are crazy ‘Engrish’ alterations¬†of game names like Ninja Gaiden, leading us to believe that this might not be totally kosher.


Here are the games built inside the Mega Drive 21:

  • ~Sonic 1~
  • Super Monaco GP
  • ~Flicky~
  • Columns
  • Super Shinobi
  • World Championship Soccer
  • Ninja Spirit
  • Adventure Hero
  • Ninja Cat
  • Exploration Trip
  • Mappy
  • Watery Guy
  • Flix Vs Jerry
  • Ground Sinker
  • Kesamaru
  • Sonic in the Danger
  • Ninja Ryukenden
  • Peetan
  • Space Striking
  • City Tiger
  • Oira Jajamaru

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