‘Mega Drive 21’ Handheld Console to Launch in Japan

The Mega Drive lives on! In Japan and Asia at the very least – word on the street is that a new handheld device will be made available that comes pre-loaded with over twenty 16-Bit games. It’s called the ‘Mega Drive 21’ and will be on store shelves April 27.

It doesn’t look like your typical Mega Drive console, taking the form of a Tiger handheld, with the controller-designed device connecting directly to a TV to display the built-in games. There’s no word on a US release, but there are suspicions that this has anything to do with Sega – Asia is often a hotbed of unofficial products like these.

Still, it’ll be available for import if you really want it. It has Sonic the Hedgehog and Flicky built-in, along with a number of other titles – some of which are crazy ‘Engrish’ alterations of game names like Ninja Gaiden, leading us to believe that this might not be totally kosher.


Here are the games built inside the Mega Drive 21:

  • ~Sonic 1~
  • Super Monaco GP
  • ~Flicky~
  • Columns
  • Super Shinobi
  • World Championship Soccer
  • Ninja Spirit
  • Adventure Hero
  • Ninja Cat
  • Exploration Trip
  • Mappy
  • Watery Guy
  • Flix Vs Jerry
  • Ground Sinker
  • Kesamaru
  • Sonic in the Danger
  • Ninja Ryukenden
  • Peetan
  • Space Striking
  • City Tiger
  • Oira Jajamaru

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