UK Sonic Adventure 2 Release Possibly May; Demo to Launch with PSO

Those of you waiting for SA2 to be arriving anytime soon, it ain’t gonna happen. Don’t you just HATE rumours? >_< According to the ODM (Official Dreamcast Magazine), the game is expected to be pushed to May in the UK. That’s a probable mean delay, but hey, hopefully Sonic Shuffle will be released in-between as a fill-gap? Or maybe not… 🙁

Also, purchasing Phantasy Star Online will grant you a free playable demo of SA2, as well as a movie – and guess what? Phantasy Star Online WILL be coming out in February. So, as well as another great game from Sonic Team we also get a demo of what is being pegged as the greatest Sonic game yet! Expect the Dreadknuxster to tell you ALL about it as soon as it comes! Now, wasn’t that the spirit-raising update you were hoping for?

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