Sega Japan Reveals Negotiations to Make PS2 and Game Boy Advance Games

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… after the rumour that Sega might be dropping the Dreamcast came out yesterday, a press release has been issued by Sega’s Japan headquarters that states that the company is “currently in negotiations to supply software for PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance.” Wow.

The press release was sent out to clarify a number of action points that Sega is working on from its New Management Strategy that was previously announced back in October 2000. “A structural reformation of Dreamcast manufacturing, sales and distribution” is also being planned, although it adds that Sega will still be “continuing its Dreamcast business”, so who knows what’s really going on.

So, there are over 100 games being planned specifically for Dreamcast, and yet there are open discussions with Sony and Nintendo to make games for their systems. The press release also says that Sega will “pursue the installation of Dreamcast architecture in PCs, set top boxes and various other electronic devices.”

This is all starting to get a little bit serious now. Hopefully someone can come out and bring some light to this situation.

Source: Sega Japan (via IGNDC)

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