Former Archie Comic Artist Sells Cover Art on eBay

T’is the season to buy Archie covers! This month, former Sonic the Hedgehog cover artist Harvey ‘Harvo’ Mercadoocasio is auctioning off a number of classic pieces. Many of them feature Sonic and Tails in awesome poses – they’re all worth a look for the keen Sonic comic fan.

You can place a bid on these cover art pieces by heading over to each of the eBay auctions listed below. The specific covers that are up for grabs are as follows:

Sonic the Hedgehog #49 – ends December 23

Sonic the Hedgehog #64 – ends December 23

Sonic the Hedgehog #67 – ends December 26

Sonic the Hedgehog #53 – ends December 26

There’s also a super-special RARE and unpublished Sonic the Hedgehog Archie cover, which also ends on December 26. You can bid on that on here. Good luck!

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