Site-Seeing: I’m Dreaming of a White (Dreamcast) Christmas…

Yes, it’s ‘Happy Crimbo’ again to your auntie, but what are you gonna spend your hard earned cash on for YOURSELF this Christmas, with the ever-increasing presents to buy? Solution: The online Dreamcast shops! Some of the best shops around on the net!

First of all, try out The Stadium Online Shop, in association with We have the most DC-related gifts for you at less than high-street prices! Pre-order Shenmue for £29.99, that’s practically a STEAL!

If you feel defiant though and wish to shop elsewhere then Gamestation is the second best place to go to! They sell retro games for low prices. For example: my friend has practically been looking for Sonic Jam ever since it came out (he never got the chance to buy it at launch). This place has Sonic Jam, and many other Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation (shudder), and even Mega Drive games to buy. If you don’t feel like buying DC stuff from here visit this site!

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