Dreamkey 2.0 Pushed Back

Well, Dreamkey 2.0 has now been delayed to 2001, as you can tell by the title (uh-huh). Sega has decided to make the new Internet application even better by adding new features.

In case you didn’t know already, Dreamkey 2.0 already has the potential for new accessories such as an Instant Messenger program (like Yahoo! or MSN), and with this you can send and receive messages from anyone else in the world (assuming they’re online too of course). A clever feature is the ability to send voice messages to each other. Neat, eh? There’s also a smaller on-screen keyboard, and support for the soon to arrive Dreamcast mouse.

‘So what else needs to be added on? It seems perfect enough’ I hear you cry. Sega are holding the disc back in order to implement something that was sorely lacking in the first Dreamkey disc – multimedia support. At this time, the new Dreamkey disc supports Flash 3 and only a small amount of Javascript, so Sega has decided to push the release back to Easter 2001 so that more multimedia support will be added. For now, let’s just use Chu Chu Rocket…

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