This Halloween, many comic shops across America will be participating in a second “Free Comic Book Day” event. While they’ve been doing this every year for a little while, this year we’re getting an all-new Sonic Comic Book! Well, slightly new as it will also be printed in Sonic Super Special #9, but it’s great for those who want a stand alone version. Head on over to the Halloween Comic Fest site for a free, six-page preview. Usually, these comics are what’s known as “ashcan” size (think just slightly bigger than digest). I’m not 100% sure it’s the same case this time around as the shape of the pages would suggest comic book size.

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16 Responses to Free Sonic Lost World Comic This Halloween

  1. I’m liking the look of this so far. I just hope it’ll be available to download on the app when Halloween comes around…

  2. Aroon Staneksay says:

    Wow Sonic Lost World Comic Book for release date on October 9 2013 for free at CA awesome also I live CA!

  3. Aroon Staneksay says:

    Plus I am going to play Sonic colors on August 21 because Its going to be new colors or new Wisps of Sonic Lost World is coming out on August 22!

  4. Ryan Jampole really needs to work on his Dr. Eggman without making him coming across looking derpy.

    Other than that, new Eggman CGI concept art!

    • Agreed lol Jampole is an amazing artist (you can tell especially by looking at the backgrounds/scenery), but you can tell he’s not used to drawing Sonic characters; there is even one panel where Orbot & cubot appear larger than Eggman. But like I said, he’s VERY talented regardless

      Thought I’d leave a link to this site here; awesome website XD Died laughing looking through it:

  5. AustinOnSugar says:

    And this is why Orbot and Cubot are awesome. Glad to have ’em back!

  6. I’m surprised they didn’t include this for preordering the game

  7. I’ll be as happy as a camel on Wednesday when this comic releases; awesome! 😀

  8. Jix Hedgehog says:

    I think there was a mention of this story in the last Sonic Universe of this story being in the next Super Special?

    .. and a second free comic-book day? Nice :)

  9. “New Hit Video Game”?

    …It hasn’t come out yet.

    • You do realize that they have to print these before the game comes out right so theyre just guessing it’ll be a ‘hit’. It’ll probably be considered a hit on wii u but I doubt anyone who won’t see a commercial or anything will know about the game. Honestly.
      I hope this game sells though. I need my next gen sonic and if this game fails I don’t want sega going into more financial trouble.

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