The Summer of Sonic website has announced that the head of Sonic Team; Takashi Iizuka will be returning to this years convention. The site details that Mr Iizuka will not only be meeting and greeting fans at a signing session (more details to come at a later date), but he will also be answering questions in a live Q&A session.

In addition to this, SOS is offering you the chance to have your questions pitched to Mr Iizuka during the Q&A session. The details as to how you can submit your question can be found at the Summer of Sonic website.

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8 Responses to Takashi Iizuka Coming to Summer of Sonic 2013!

  1. Hey Takashi Lizuka are any details from the multiplayer modes for Sonic Colors coming anytime soon? Or any new details in general?

  2. Jix Hedgehog says:

    … and yet no word about his upcoming appearance at Boom.. hmmmmm

  3. I am calling it now, some Sonic fans are just going to spam the Q&A with questions about Sonic couples. Let’s keep this civilized please.