You know that feeling when you’ve got a secret SO big, you’ve just got to tell somebody?

Well, our favourite robotics genius has just perfected his most brilliant evil plot yet! One so brilliant, it must be shared! Doctor Eggman now takes to the phone lines to announce his latest plan…

Eggman Calls Everyone

Organized by Loor101, with guest animation by GeneralCacti.

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13 Responses to Freak-Out Friday: Eggman Calls Everyone

  1. Congrats, Loor! C:

  2. I was waiting for him to try and call Big.

  3. Should have called Big…

  4. Hahahahaha, awesome!!

    Hope that if the new rumored Sonic show is really going to be all comedy at least it has a sense of humor like this.

  5. Sonic have a cellphone? Get me his number!
    LoL xD

  6. Johnny2071 says:

    Knuckles HAS a phone?

  7. dark ninja says:

    WOOO! sonic rave party!

  8. Matt The Hedgehog. says:

    Hey what happend to my comment?! Why’d it get removed? I wasn’t spamming or anything.

  9. Shadowbane2009 says:

    Now the only persons he forgot to call was…Dr. Ivo with Scratch & Grounder and he also forgot to call back that unlisted number too.

  10. Brilliant video. Highly creative, I liked it a lot. Awesome!

  11. Sonic Theodore Rainbowdash says:

    This is so Hilarious. I need to get off my computer and check my messages.

  12. Sonic Theodore Rainbowdash says:

    Wow, I need to get of my Computer sometime.