Right on schedule, the SEGA Blog has updated with more details concerning Sonic Lost World, and more on its new baddies.

Dr. Eggman has harnessed the power of six menacing creatures collectively known as the Deadly Six, but when the Deadly Six rise up against their master, Sonic has to unite with his arch nemesis in order to take on the new enemies head-on.Β  Using his dynamic new parkour moves and improved Color Powers, Sonic must run, jump and race through a variety of ever-changing terrains in order to defeat the Deadly Six.

As confirmed by Hiroyuki Miyazaki, SEGA of America’s Chief Content Officer, Sonic Lost World‘s story tells of adversaries Sonic and Eggman indeed joining forces to defeat the new threat!

3DS box art and additional info about the game after the jump!

Along with the confirmation of Wisps, full 3D terrain for the handheld version, and 2 player support modeΒ amongst others via IGN, the Blog also tells a bit more about what to expect come later this year.

  • Multiplayer modes are highlighted for both versions of the game
  • Like Sonic Colours, some Colour powers are unique to Wii U, and others to the 3DS
  • Wii U exclusive Colour powers controlled through the GamePad by tilting, touching, aiming, and more
  • Can be played solely via the Wii U GamePad
  • 3DS version to feature Special Stages


Anyone else feeling really excited?

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94 Responses to Sonic and Eggman Team Up in Sonic Lost World, Box Art Revealed

  1. BlooDood says:

    Firsties!!! Also, VERY EXCITED!!!

  2. This is going to be an incredible game!

  3. Who IS’NT excited???

    …. Other than those who don’t and can’t have a Wii U or 3DS and those angry about the partnership?

  4. Also, I can hear the moans of those who kept begging ST to bring the spin dash back. *shudder*

  5. TheSonicdude97~ says:

    Excited?!?! I’m freaking HYPED!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ I’ll have to save up for a Wii U and a new 3DS (old one is damaged). I think that even if I don’t have the system, I’ll still pre-order both games and get them beforehand~ XD GO SONIC!!!!~

    • TheDanimator says:

      You might want to consider selling your broken one on ebay, people still pay a decent amount for parts.

  6. TheHumbleFellow says:

    Now this makes up for Sonic being the only playable character again! Seeing how Sonic and Eggman will work off each other I something I really want to see!

  7. nuniruro says:

    I love that Sonic render, it makes me happy πŸ˜€

  8. HyperMetalix says:

    cool… unless the 2 player and “team up with Eggman” just means the 2nd player does stuff on the WiiU pad screen.
    That’d be kinda lame.

    • SuperSonicRush says:

      I feel like it will be lame like in colors, or just some lazy crap that sega just shoves in at the last minuete

      • Austin Luna says:

        I agree with you. Sonic Lost World doesn’t seem to be fun and having the Wisps back and having 6 acts per realm is bad idea to me. I actually liked the way they had it Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, Sonic 06, and Sonic Generations. Having six acts is pointless. That’s why I am no longer excited for this game.

  9. SonicChrono says:

    OHMAHGERD! I’m completely hyped for this game. Definintely saving up a lot of money for it and the Wii U Deluxe! I think that this game will be truly amazing as I knew that Sonic and Eggman are working together. Also, loving the return of Wisps from Colors! I’m looking forward to it being out soon once it’s available for pre-order at GameStop as I’m buying it there.

  10. Mario9919 says:

    Me thinks Eggman will turn against Sonic after he defeats the Deadly Six. There’s no way he’s not the villain. He was gonna use their power in the first place.

    • Eggman is not the cold-hearted villain you think he is.

      Sure, Eggman might taunt Sonic, hold a gun to one of his friends, but he would never try to TRULY hurt Sonic. Eggman is no Bowser or Ganondorf.

      • You say that but in Sonic adventure 2 he tried to kill Sonic by firing him into space in that exploding capsule, if Sonic didn’t use chaos control sonic would’ve died. Villains in todays games are no longer bad guys they’ve become nothing but comic relief for an odd reason, Look at Cortex from Crash Bandicoot 2 compared to Cortex in the last newer games, he too became Comic relief.

        • Again, I’m going to say this: Eggman would never TRULY hurt Sonic.

          Eggman knows exactly what the blue hedgehog is capable of, and he knew sending Sonic down a space capsule was something he could indeed handle. Even when Eggman squished Sonic using Time Eater, he did not want to kill him. Eggman just wants to see Sonic suffer, and impress him by getting out of near-impossible situations. Eggman would not be a bad guy if it weren’t for Sonic being alive. Eggman’s motivation to be “evil” is because Sonic will try and stop him, and he apparently likes it for some reason. I don’t know what I just said, but again, Eggman knows what the blur blur’s limits are, and would never truly hurt him.

      • He’s sent him to a dystopian future, sicced an ancient god of earth on him, sent him down in a combustible capsule, sicced ANOTHER ancient god of the Master Emerald, tried to crush him with a giant robot in space, AND TRIED TO TRAP HIM IN TIME LIMBO ITSELF.

    • yellowstar says:

      eggman did say he was tierd of fighting sonic and wanted to be good. ~ perhaps this is the start of that… hmmmmmm i dunno.
      eggman gives you the tutorial of something? he mentioned wanting to teach.

  11. Excited? Not at all.

  12. Errox025 says:

    Wow! Return of the Wisp powers? Sonic & Eggman teaming up? Awesome looking gameplay? Dammit SEGA, Just take my money!

    I’ve been waiting YEARS for a game in which Sonic and Dr Eggman join forces (not counting Sa1, SA2, Advance 3, Heroes and 06’s final stories)

  13. I saw that one Sonic X episode where Sonic was almost defeated and got knocked into a coma, and Eggman took care of him until he woke up. Since then, I’ve always wanted to see Eggman and Sonic team up (in a good way, ya know :P).

    • blee7442 says:

      But they did in the metarex saga in Sonic X did they?

      • Vincent Giannell says:

        They did team up alright. But Eggman only went along with it because he didn’t want the Meterex to rule the universe before “HE” does.

  14. As awesome as this game is sounding…I’m still wondering how the wisps come into to play! Like…is the lost world Wisp related or did Sonic keep a few to use or something?

    Also, that smile on Sonic’s face is just like πŸ˜€ makes me smiiiiileee

  15. Burtzman says:

    That’s my new favorite box art since Adventure 2 Battle.

  16. I’m wouldn’t mind this team up of Sonic and Eggman but its been done to death, they always team up somehow or at some point, for example:

    Sonic adventure: Team up at the end
    Sonic adventure 2 : Team up at the end
    Sonic Heroes : Team up at the end
    Shadow the hedgehog : sides with the heroes at the end
    Sonic Chronicles : They team up in the plot
    Sonic advance 3: Team up in the end
    Sonic Archie comics : they team up in some of the story arcs.
    Sonic X : Though the whole third season he was secretly working to help Sonic
    Now Sonic Lost world : Teams up with Sonic

    Atleast Sonic Colours, Generations and even Unleashed didn’t repeat this lol

    • I think the main difference for this game is that Eggman and Sonic are teaming up right from the very beginning, instead of just working together to fight the final boss like they have every other time they’ve teamed up. Since Eggman now has more time and reason to work together with Sonic, that could even open the possibility of him helping out Sonic more than he has in all the other times they’ve teamed up. Almost like Tails, but instead of a fox that can build some smaller contraptions and fly airplanes, you’re spending what could be most of the game working with a doctor that has a 300 IQ level and a nearly infinite army of robots and flying fortresses. That could open up many more possibilities that we never could get before with all the other times they teamed up. πŸ˜€

    • chrononego says:

      Sonic Adventure: No they didn’t, Eggman tried to fight Chaos by himself and failed.
      Sonic Chronicles: It was just an act, he took over the world at the end.
      In every other game besides Sa2 and Sadv3 he wasn’t even legitimately teaming up with them he only sided with them because he couldn’t really do anything else at the moment , especially in Heroes , 06, or Shadow(He didn’t do anything to help in those games)

    • dantemustdie says:

      Bare in miond through that all of the games you listed, Eggman joins up at the END of the game.

      This time he decides to help you at the START.

      • MandoWolfe says:

        Unless of course Eggman decides to betray Sonic. I mean if he can’t do this on his own. Might as well get someone to back him up until the right moment. There’s a reason why he was trying to gain the control of the Deadly Six in the first place. Since they didn’t work, He might just help Sonic defeat them and while Sonic is busy with the fights Eggman will plot his next move on taking out Sonic. But this all sounds good. Regardless if they “teaming up” happens a lot.

  17. wizzlekidd says:

    sonic and eggman teamed up in heroes and ’06

  18. Although it’s a shame it’s Wii U exclusive, it does seem like the kind of game you get on Nintendo consoles, rather than more linear and epic games like Sonic Generations and Sonic Unleashed that you get on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

    • TripleGamer3K says:

      Yeah this looks very looks to have a unique game play style,new characters,FLICKIES,but,i think that this is going to be great.hopefully SEGA will advertise it more than previous installments.

    • This game looks just as epic as generations, maybe even more so considering its a new style..kinda

      But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night man

    • Was that supposed to be an insult? 😐

    • Atticuslye says:

      Yeah I think we need a series of games on nintendo for younger players and then a really hardcore and complex series for more experienced players on the Xbox and Playstation

  19. SolidSonicTH says:

    With a cover like that I know I’m too old for Sonic.

    • TripleGamer3K says:

      Seriously?Sonic’s games are both for adults ,kids,and teenagers to enjoy.Your never too old for Sonic(unless your like 80,then you might get motion sickness.).

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  21. ScourgeGhost says:

    it just keeps on getting better πŸ˜€


  23. Turbo the Creator says:

    It’s a Sonic X-Treme rebirth, and Sonic Colors 2 AT THE SAME TIME! =D

    • Johnny2071 says:

      If only they could bring Tiara into the mix (and maybe Mecha Sonic Mark III), but unfortunately, Eggman took over the role of deuteragonist.


    I recently started a blog; partly about my opinions on Sonic games and the franchise itself. Please read and comment. Thank you.

    *Sorry about the double post

  25. so do we get a Super Sonic with Eggman battle in space like in Advance 3? (: lol. I would think that he just tells you info over a radio or something about the Deadly Six along with hints and tips along with watching out for homing shots.

    maybe thought you could play as him when hes in one of his robots to help save Sonic some time during some uber boss fight, similar to unleashed in the final boss.

  26. Wait a minute, if you are teaming up with Eggman why are you still smashing badniks? The Deadly Six don’t seem like the type to take over machines like Metal Sonic.

    • Dom Greer says:

      That’s what I was about to say!
      SEGA why do you guys try so hard to fuck up the story?
      Eggman should almost always be the main villian and final boss!
      I was ok with Perfect Chaos even the Final Hazard (Biolizard) in the Adventure series and Metal Sonic in Heroes, but if your going to keep making new bad guys for every game then what’s the point of having Eggman as the main villian of the series or even just a plain character for that matter?!

      • It’s a LOST WORL, not Sonic’s regular world.

        Anyway, if you even TAKE A LOOK at the badniks, you’d see that they are all different badniks (yes, even the fishes).

        Your argument is invalid.

      • Chrononego says:

        Eggman has been the Colors, and in Generations. The past 3 main games argument invalid.

    • ……
      I think you just said a seventh character in the deadly six. Metal would be a perfect DUN DUN DUUUUN twist ending.

      • yellowstar says:

        he was the twist ending in heroes and free riders – if he was the villian then i wanna know about it from the start this time.

  27. TrueBlue170 says:

    SO excited for this game! Hilarity should ensue from Sonic and Eggman working together. Have a feeling he’ll pull a fast one, though. XD

    • Vincent Giannell says:

      Either that or he’ll get beaten by the leader of the Deadly Six and Sonic will have to finish the job alone.

  28. Matthew Stephens says:

    So since there are going to be wisps returning in this game, this might be a sequel to sonic colors.(I.D.K)

  29. Sonicrush1991 says:

    Man, I’ve been waiting to post a comment about this for days. THIS GAME LOOKS INCREDIBLE

  30. The Legend Of Super Angry Sonic Metroid Fan 87 says:

    MIND BLOWN!!! Hope the Deadly Six have voices I can see the big yellow having a kinda dumb derpy voice. But hey, just sayin’

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  32. I’m gonna take a VERY wild guess…because I can.

    Since the Wisps are back, should they stay with the same ones from colors, it looks like the following:

    – The six could potentially be over-powered nega-wisps or something of the like.
    – If the above is the case, then we have an idea of which 6 Wisps will be in the game: Hover, Drill, Spike, Cube, Burst, and Void or Frenzy.

    …Unless they just created a couple new ones for it to feel less like Colo(u)rs- or something or other.

    Just a thought~

  33. ChaosPoochyena24 says:

    Haha, I can see Eggman betraying Sonic in the end.
    Well if the 3DS version will be that good I’ll perhaps get it on there. Though usually the DS versions of Sonic games are missing out on a lot stuff, but this game should be better.

  34. Atticuslye says:

    I must admit that this is the first time I’ve seen a DS version that isn’t completely screwed up…

  35. cyberkevin says:

    “3DS version to feature Special Stages”
    Yeah, so it’s certainly a Dimps game again :)

    • Matt The Hedgehog says:

      Didn’t Sega say something about ending their relationship with Dimps?

  36. AroonStaneksay says:

    Sonic lost world multiplayers are in 3d mode to play slick man. then also I like box art cases of Sonic lost world for Wiiu and Nintendo 3ds ok one more thing Iam going to get Sonic lost world for Nintendo 3ds to play on my blue Nintendo 3ds XL.

  37. TheBlackHoodedGamer says:

    Well, the concept of Sonic teaming up with Eggman sounds cool to me. In a way, this is like a spiritual successor to Sonic Colors… and the story so far reminds me of the scrapped story for Sonic X-Treme, which also fits. I love what they are doing with the Wisps.

  38. If you pause the video trailer at 00:49 you can see the laser wisp πŸ˜€

  39. Kintobor says:

    Graaaah! Eggman should be totally playable, but apparently he isn’t from what they said on the interview.


  40. Experiment 282 says:

    I was looking at Wii U’s today…urghhhh

  41. Hyper-sonicX says:

    Eggman teaming up with Sonic for almost the entire game? Now that just made my day! XD

  42. Ed Thorpe says:

    I wounder how Robotnik got out from limbo. (remember the post credits scene from Generations)

    • They finally found a door.

      • YoshiAngemon says:

        Or Modern Metal Sonic showed himself, and sucked Sonic’s friends back into the vortex, and Sonic’s friends each had to deal with a different variation of Metal Sonic. The Orb that Metal Sonic got at the Lost Labyrinth was the Time Eater’s Egg, and using it allowed Time Eater to use Metal’s body, and when Classic Sonic was about to be destroyed, and Modern would’ve faded away, Tikal appears with the Super Emeralds, and the two HYPER Sonics go after this new Metal Sonic, and stop him before he destroys Green Hill Zone BEFORE the first adventure began! After the victory, The Classic Forms end up told by Tikal that they’ll forget the adventure, and Modern Sonic asks Tikal if Classic could be allowed to remember just the Homing Attack. and as the two eras of characters part ways, Classic Sonic says his first words: “Hey Sonic! See ya ’round!”

      • Vincent Giannell says:

        If that’s true then what happened to his past self?

  43. I’m hyped about these new villains. SEGA, can we has names plz? Because I really really hope they’re based off the seven deadly sins. Symbolism, yay!

  44. SpinDemon94 says:

    First time I’ve been so excited for a Sonic game in yeeeears! (not including Generations i guess)

    Too bad I’m not planning on buying a Wii U or 3DS anytime soon T_T

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  46. Polytechnic says:

    Clearly the monsters are based of the seven deadly sins, usually associated with colours as well i.e,

    Red = Wrath (looks angry enough)
    Purple = Pride
    Cyan = Sloth (little blue guy up top looks like the oldest)
    Blue = Lust (can be narcissistic – emo hair big lips etc)
    Green = Envy
    Gluttony = Orange ( the big guy has a huge mouth and belly and with the inclusion of Desert Ruins as a level filled with cakes and sweets)

    This leaves a seventh sin – Greed (as in financial or possessions) and is associated with Yellow ( perhaps a final hidden boss?)

    So there is my two cents. I hope I am right and they turn out to be based of this…we shall see.

  47. Matt The Hedgehog says:

    Multiplayer. Are. You. ****ing. KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!?!

    Great. Now I’m seriously disappointed on what Sega is doing.


    If its online multiplayer, SCREW IT!(I swear they think it’ll be great to include idiotic, profanity spewing racist from COD expecting some fun like that is plain idiotic). If its offline Multiplayer only, go ahead. I don’t care.

    Just when Single Player Gaming was about to come back from the dead, Sega had to make a stupid multiplayer crap for their game, and messes it up (Single Player Gaming is better because the developer can focus more on the single player parts of a game, and it saves a lot of money for that developer). And this can’t even beat Generations because Generations WAS single player. I’m glad it was single player.

    • TheBlackHoodedGamer says:

      … Well… why don’t you just not touch Multiplayer Modes?

      • Matt The Hedgehog says:

        Why don’t I l… What? You sir, need to be checking your grammar. Because. GRAMMAR. MATTERS.

  48. I would have posted sooner but I was on a trip out of my state XD

    This sounds interesting. I wonder if the two will grow closer because of this. Or if we finally can set up for Sonic going evil because, mind control or something. That’d be fun.

    Was NOT expecting the Wisps to come back so soon, or at all. Yakker will be entertaining, and I hope Orbot and Cubot also come back, although that is unlikely considering they were ditched…

  49. So the monster betrayal takes place BEFORE the story? Okaydokey

  50. Duelbladedhedgehog says:

    Wait how did robotnik escape limbo at the end of sonic generations?

  51. Vincent Giannell says:

    The idea of Sonic and Eggman teaming up early in this game reminds me of Dragonball Z when Goku and Piccolo were still enemies but were forced to team up against Raditz.

  52. Sonic’s edges are too sharp and the outer glow looks off. The WiiU cover looks too uniform as well. Maybe if they moved Sonic, the Deadly Six and the logo around so it doesn’t line up in the middle it would look a little better.