The most unexpected thing happened at the Metropolis Zone, and the victim? None other than CelestOrion, with the folks from Sonic Paradox’s ParadoxPowerPlays roaring at his expense.

[PPP] Forgetting Something? (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

I couldn’t believe it either at first, but holy crap!

Personally, Dr. Mack Foxx’s laughter just sells it.

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21 Responses to Freak-Out Friday: Forgetting Something?

  1. That laugh xD

  2. Wow, I would have never expected my epic failure to make it this far, hahaha. Thanks for the post, Vizzard!

  3. LOL the tagging!

  4. Ogilvie Maurice says:

    … wow. Talk about a trollish ending.

    It’s also a pretty good example of the “Genocide Backfire” trope. Always be thorough!

  5. This makes sonic a bit of a tragic hero. At least he saved the animals.

    • Johnny2071 says:

      I always thought that it was the hubris that the fans built up for by exiling his friends and any additional playable characters to the sidelines and cutscenes.

  6. I WON I guess I can put the contr… OH CRAP!

    Still having a few nightmares about that boss in Sonic 4: E1 I guess next time you’ll pop all the balloons!


  7. espioofchaotix10 says:

    The laughter does sell it!
    My sister heard it and asked me to show it to her too!

  8. I was watching this, and as the fake Robotnik drifted into shot I just thought, “No…surely not…it won’t…OMG IT DID”.

  9. Thats why he’s the Eggman, and he has the master plan!

  10. That has actually happened to me before so I saw it coming. Oh well.. 😐

  11. AutumnySprinkle says:

    That laugh was like. . Joker worthy XD
    The Mark Hamil Joker, not the Heath Ledger one.

    Oh my god I’m crying from laughing so much ^ ^-

  12. bmhedgehog says:

    That’s one hell of a glitch. Guess like the programmers forgot that if the Eggmobile/Egg-o-Matic gets destroyed before the ballons are popped then all the balloons should have been popped automatically. Well I foresee a Taxman Version of Sonic 2 being released with that glitch fixed.

  13. Thinking about the laughing, I think the Super Gaming Bros. Sonic 06 multiplayer case was funnier. See the first time they go to Flame Core. It’s too funny! Hell, I think it deserves a Freak-Out Friday moment! XD

  14. needsemail1 says:

    I actually laughed at a Freak-Out Friday video! Cool.

  15. AroonStaneksay says:

    That was so funny the min Dr Eggman kill Sonic and Tails.

  16. Shadowbane2009 says:

    All I can think of is the 10th Doctor in his Tardis looking at his screen and saying WHAT?!
    Total IRONY though 😉

  17. Johnny2071 says:

    I can’t believe it myself.

    How is it possible to have THAT many lives?

  18. Did someone do the Nick Cage “Huh?!” when the level reloaded?

  19. And that, my friends is why you must kill all your Eggmans before they are hatched.