Sega has officially announced Sonic Dash for all iOS devices and is coming “soon”. Hardlight Studios, the team behind Sonic Jump, is once again at the helm of this Sonic game (so expect micro transactions.) Not many details have been mentioned so far, but it sounds very much like a 3D infinite runner not unlike Temple Run and it’s expected to include leaderboards as well. Read on for Sega’s full press release.

How long can you run?

That’s the question you get to answer now: SEGA is proud to announce Sonic Dash β€” the agile, endless, running mobile game will be available soon at the App Store for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad!

Our hero will be doing what he does best β€” making a fast and frenzied 3D dash through stunning stages, as he navigates over, around, and through interminable dangers. Challenge your friends and compete on leaderboards β€” you may know who the fastest is, but, for how long?

Stay tuned to find out more!

Source: Sega Blogs

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25 Responses to Sega Officially Announces Sonic Dash for iOS

  1. AtticusLye says:

    Yes! Can’t wait…
    Hope like hell that Shadow’s playable…

  2. Is it me or are Sonics arms getting pulled even higher when he runs?
    Stop it SEGA! You’re hurting him!

  3. temple run sonic edition
    like the sound of that

  4. It makes sense to have sonic with this type of game than sonic jump dont get me wrong sonic jump is a good game its just didn’t make sense having sonic jumping instead of running

  5. My God, that smile scares the heck outta me O_O . And to Ominge, yes his arms are indeed about to get pulled outta their sockets I fear. Also it’s the same pose as one of the Sonic Unleashed posters but his hands are reversed making it look even more awkward. I pray they change this image before release.

    • JasonTheJackass says:

      I agree with you. Those teeth are nothing but white, like he has a white mouthpiece in.

  6. They should really go back the 2D cartoon artwork like they did for sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2 and some of the handheld games

    • YES!! THAT IS A GREAT IDEA; they really should do that! Although, it may look awkward that all illustrations of Sonic are 2-D while the game play and whatnot is 3-D.

  7. Sonic’s creepy smile terrified me for a moment. His running pose looks incredibly off, too.

  8. Super Sonic 772 says:

    Why does SEGA love Seaside Hill?? Just sayin..

    • Probably because it is the perfect mix between beach & fields of green if you know what I mean. (Yet, Neo Greenhill from Sonic Advance is also the perfect mix, but SEGA never respects the advance games for some reason.)

  9. Saffron RH says:

    Or some other awesome place that isn’t a beachlike stage. =P I’d like to see some more diversity, that’s all.

    And as far as sonic’s smile it’s not really creeping me out… maybe cuz nothing looks creepy after Sonic.exe unless it’s something very strictly along those lines?
    Still agree they should change the image. Maybe a profile veiw of him running. I dunno, I feel like I’ve seen that pose so many times… XD

  10. I hope side stepping (or quick stepping, whatever) is included. I loved that in unleashed and generations. Colors didn’t execute it well, though.

  11. Sonicrush1991 says:

    Sounds good! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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  13. sonicfan#5 says:

    Android release…Android release…Android release…OH GEE THANKS A LOT SEGA
    Now all us Android users have to wait…AGAIN

  14. This game sound a lot like the “Sonic DS” Tech Demo. And in the same area… Cool πŸ˜€

  15. sonicmandude says:

    soooo, how much u.s. $ are we talkin here?

  16. And yet no Android release…
    I guess we’ll have to wait for 2 months for an Android release.
    Just hope it contains more levels off of Sonic Heroes.

  17. Nick Greene says:

    Jeez his smile is creepy ._.

  18. The-Master-Board says:

    Two questions:
    One, what the hell is an iOS?
    And two, if it’s just some stupid iPhone game and not a proper game release why should I care?

    • 1) iOS = i (as in iMac, iPod, iPhone, etc.) + OS (Operating System). In other words, if you own an Apple product, chances are you’ll be able to play this game.

      2) Yes, Sega’s making another iPhone Sonic game. Get over it.

      This is merely to wet our appetites until the next major Sonic release, or at least to put some extra change in Sega’s pocket to go towards the next Sonic title or any other future projects that they’re working on.

    • SonicWarrior says:

      1. Couldn’t you just search that up yourself…? You are on the internet in case you forgot -__-
      2. No one is forcing you to care. But us iOS and (Hopefully) Android owners will atleast have something to enjoy until the main game comes out.